Crepe Myrtle Trash to Thrifty Decor

We have 3 crepe myrtles in our front flower beds.  After pruning last year, I looked at the pile of  limbs laying on the ground and realized that they looked very similar to the decorative limbs I had seen at various hobby stores.  So I gathered some up for future use.  This winter I decided I needed an arrangement of some sort to fill space on the mantle.  I had a few red berry floral stems that I bought last year for another project and a vase that my sister gave me when she moved.  I took some of the crepe myrtle limbs and trimmed them to the length I needed, tossed in the red berries and voila my winter arrangement appeared.

I like that it is simple and wintery.  But the best part is that it cost me $0 because I had everything on hand.  It doesn’t get better than FREE!

I like how it fills in the space on the right side of the mantle.

Have you ever used “yard trash” as a thrifty decoration in your home?


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