Fred’s Coupon Policy

Fred’s does not have a coupon policy on their website.  I received this email response from Wesley Hasty ( regarding their coupon policy.

They will only double one coupon per identical item on their double coupon day (which is Saturday).  Print and take it with you to the store.


Fred’s Double Coupon Program

(These rules apply to all company-owned, participating Freds stores.)

Manufacturer Coupon: A manufacturer coupon is a coupon for cents-off or dollars off a product, that the customer obtains from newspapers, magazines, direct mailings, etc. It is valid at any Fred’s store that the specific item featured on the coupon is sold.

A valid coupon will have the product description, cents off amount, expiration date, and an address to send the coupon for redemption.

Fred’s Procedures

  1. Fred’s will only accept manufacturer’s coupons that feature items that we carry.  (No competitor’s coupons are to be accepted) The item featured on the coupon must be the exact item that we sell, or we do not accept the coupon.  The item must be the same brand, style, flavor, scent, size specified by the coupon.
  2. All valid manufacturer’s coupons are accepted at face value at Fred’s every day.
  3. On Saturdays only, Fred’s will double the face value of manufacturer coupons up to $.70; $.70 coupons are doubled. (ONLY 1 coupon per identical item is doubled, per customer, per Saturday)
  4. No money will be returned for coupons that exceed the price of the product.  If doubling the face value of the coupon would exceed the price of the item, the coupon will be accepted a face value.
  5. Tobacco coupons are not doubled regardless of the face value of the coupon.
  6. Coupons, which are expired, are not accepted.  If the coupon is presented the day it expires, the coupon must be accepted.
  7. If the price of an item is matched with a competitor, then no coupons will be doubled for that particular item.

For example:

A customer may purchase 4 tubes of Crest toothpaste, however if they have more than one coupon for the toothpaste, the first coupon will be doubled and the additional coupons will be taken at face value.  If the customer wishes to purchase more than one flavor of an item and the coupon lists a variety of flavors, only one identical coupon will be doubled and the additional coupons will be taken at face value.

20 comments to Fred’s Coupon Policy

  • [...] Print the Fred’s coupon policy and take it with you to the store. [...]

  • Jennifer

    I am new to couponing. Would you please advise me if this is correct using the Fred’s coupon policy.

    Pantene Pro-V Shampoo–3.50 each

    I have a coupon for buy 2 get $3 off and a coupon for buy two get a dollar off. That makes the total of the shampoo $7 for two minus $4 in coupons which brings it to $3 for 2. Since my coupon is for $3 and $1..will they give me an additional $.70 cents since my coupon is for $1.00? I know they won’t match the $1.00, but I wasn’t sure if they would give me the $.70 for the double. I hope this makes sense! Thanks in advance for any help you could offer!

    • You will have to buy 4 shampoos to use both coupons. The coupons state you must buy two. In your scenario you would only be buying 2 shampoos even though the purchase requirement using both coupons would be to buy 4. If you use both coupons and buy 4 you will spend $2.50 each after coupon. If you only use the $3.00 off 2 coupon, you will spend $2.00 each. Hope that helps. If not, let me know and I’ll try to explain it a different way.

  • stephane

    will freds honor a manuf. coupon and store coupon?

  • notthatgood

    I was thinking about shopping at Fred’s for the double coupon Saturday, but read the policy that stands and decided not to because were I live there is only one Fred’s store in the surrounding area. I live on the other side of town from the store and it would not be feasible to go on the other side of town and can’t use all of my coupons for the same item and get the double coupon advantage

    Walgreens is on ever other coner and to pass walgreens that many times for ONE coupon to be doubled for each item does not make any sence

  • stacy

    does Freds allow you to “stack” coupons? with this new game they are now playing I have alot of fred store coupons and would like to stack if possible.

  • pam

    how does a bogo coupon work at freds. can i use a bogo coupon and a dollar or cents off coupon on the bogo items, from the bogo coupon.

    • A BOGO coupon would allow you to buy one item and get the other item free. Some stores allow you to use a cents off coupon on the item you purchase. Others do not. Ask your store manager about their policy.

  • Ann

    Will Freds accept internet coupons and a manufacturer coupon on one item

  • Pa yang

    Ok, I’m new to coupon too. I heard my friends said that Fred’s well double the coupon on Saturday, so, I decided to try it out, but it turns out that my wasn’t double after I already payed. I didn’t asked them why? I was scared to ask cause I’m new to coupon. Do they really double the coupons on every Saturday? Second question is, I want to know, for example: if I have 25cent and 50cent, right. I want to know how much they will double it up to? Thanks….

  • samantha

    Hey, i have a question, for ex i go to freds, and have one coupon for toilet paper for .50 off, i understand that 1 will double and i can use no more identical coupons on toilet paper, but say i have that coupon along with .50 on toothpaste, .50 on paper towels, .50 cents on candy, will all those be doubled? or is it just ONE per person period?

  • Tommy

    I just went to Fred’s and the manager said they only take coupons that will double to equal $.70. Meaning any coupon over $.35 doesn’t work. I think he is wrong and I’m going to contact corporate to find out. Laura, what does double up to $.70 mean? Will $1.00 coupons double to $1.70?

    • It is my understanding that they will double any coupon with a face amount of up to $0.70. Meaning they would double a $0.70 coupon but not a $0.75 coupon. Store managers are sometimes given discretion to not honor the policy. Contacting corporate for clarification would be a good idea. Good luck!

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