Fun and Frugal Friday: Painted & Mod Podge Pumpkin

I saw this on Pinterest and was inspired to paint a pumpkin and mod podge.

Thanks, The Butlers!

This is what I created.

I started with spray paint, clear glaze, a pumpkin, a straw luau hat from the dollar store and an owl paper cut-out, also from the dollar store.  (The dollar store had bags of 15 cut-outs for $1 of course.  The bag included owls, spooky trees and ravens).

And I also had ribbon from the dollar store.

I spray painted the pumpkin green and it looked weird.  Really weird.  My son said it looked like snot. He was right.  I started to get scared.  I was worried how my pumpkin was going to turn out.  I decided to risk it.

After the snot spray paint dried, I sprayed the pumpkin with a clear crystal glaze.  This helped seal the paint to keep it from peeling and gave the pumpkin a glossier, shiner look.

After the clear glaze dried, I mod podged the owl on the pumpkin.  If your pumpkin will be in the open, you might want to spray it with clear glaze again.  My pumpkin will be on the front porch so I didn’t worry about it.

Then I stuffed the straw hat into a pedestal vase that I already had.  I placed the pumpkin on top and added a bow.

I L-O-V-E it!  I’m so glad I took a risk with my green pumpkin!  And thanks to my friend, Edie, for inspiring me to add a bow.

The total cost for this project was $9.95.

  • Pumpkin = $3.88
  • Ribbon for Bow = $1
  • Spray Paint = about $4 (I don’t remember the exact amount)
  • Clear Glaze = Free (already had it)
  • Pedestal Vase = Free (already had it)
  • Straw Hat = $1
  • Owl = 7 cents

If you already have the spray paint, you can make this project for even less!

I love FALL!  I love pumpkins!  YAY for fall and pumpkins!

Do you like to decorate with pumpkins?



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2 comments to Fun and Frugal Friday: Painted & Mod Podge Pumpkin

  • Aimee

    Do you have any tips for spray painting a pumpkin. I tried to spray paint one last year and it was pretty hidious.
    Do you prep the pumpkin somehow first?
    What type of spray paint do you use?

    Thank you :)

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I used Krylon spray paint from Lowes. I made sure the pumpkin was clean and dry before I painted it. That’s it. It worked really well for me. I would recommend sealing it with some sort of clear coat. Hope that helps and you have a better experience with it this year!

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