Have a Trendy Christmas Tree Without Breaking the Bank

Ruby (so it’s just red, but the interior designer guru on TV called it ruby) and turquoise are all the rage this Christmas.  And why not?  They are absolutely gorgeous together!

Red and Turquoise Christmas Decorations from Tidy Mom

LOVE IT!  Not only does Trendy Mom have beautiful Christmas decorations, but there is also a recipe for Garlic Chicken Puffs.  YUMMY!

So how do you add these trendy, fun, beautiful colors to your tree without going broke?

Add some mesh or ribbon.

I have seen some beautiful turquoise mesh and red is a traditional Christmas color so there’s always plenty of red mesh around.  Just add a little to your tree and the color will really pop!

Think of using wrapping paper with a lot of red in it.  Add turquoise ribbon to the package and it will add a lot to your tree.

You could always change your tree topper to turquoise or red.  I would even be tempted to break out a can of spray paint and change the color of a tree topper if I really like the shape of it.

Do you go for a modern/trendy tree or traditional colors?


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