Mason Jar Foaming Soap Pump

Last week I showed you how to make a mason jar light fixture.  This week I will continue with my love of mason jars and show you how to make a mason jar foaming soap pump.

All you need is a foaming soap bottle and a mason jar.

First, take the pump piece off the bottle.  Then cut the top off the bottle.

Leave a little more of the bottle than I did.  It will make it easier for you to make your soap pump.  Your cut doesn’t need to be perfect.  You won’t see it when you finish.

Next, take the pump piece and stick it in the bottom of the soap bottle.  Place a piece of tape (or two) across the open top of the bottle to create a place for the soap pump to rest while you spray paint.  I placed rocks in the bottom of the soap bottle for stability.  I didn’t want it to fall over while I spray painted.

I used Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.  It looks gold in this picture, but it’s really not.  I also placed the mason jar band on the bottom of the soap bottle and spray painted both items at the same time.  This worked really well.

While the paint was drying, I worked on the lid.  I took the top piece of the soap bottle (the part I cut off earlier) and traced around it on the mason jar lid.  The hole needs to be just big enough for the top of the bottle to poke through.

Drill a hole in the lid.

Then use tin snips to finish cutting.

After the paint on the pump piece was dry, I attached the pump piece and the top of the soap bottle.

Poke the soap bottle top through the hole in the mason jar lid.  Then tighten the pump piece on.  This is the step where I wished I hadn’t cut as much of the soap bottle off.  It would have been a little easier to grab onto and tighten the pieces if I had left a little more of the bottle.

Then I added about this much soap to the mason jar.

And filled it the rest of the way with water.  The same steps I used to make foaming hand soap earlier.

I stirred the soap and water together and then placed the top on the jar.  I don’t recommend shaking the jar to mix the soap and water because some of it will come up out of the top through the hole in the lid.

My mason jar foaming soap pump.

I’ve been using it in my kitchen for several weeks and I L-O-V-E it!

Project Cost = FREE

  • Mason jar = Free.  I used a mason jar that I had used previously for making pickles.
  • Soap pump = Free.  I used a soap pump that I already had.
  • Spray paint = Free.  I used spray paint that I already had.  You can find it at Lowe’s for about $4.

You could also spray paint the jar for a different look.

What do you store in your mason jars?


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